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United States
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Favourite genre of music: Pop
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Favourite cartoon character: England/ Arthur Kirkland ^^
Personal Quote: The worst death is not the death of ourselves, but the death of others we love.
Yes yes, I know, I still have yet to update anything =_= please don't be mad :iconforgivemeplz: laziness is just part of who I am~

Anyways, lately I've been having these really weird dreams, but the one I had the other night stuck with me and I feel the need to share it because I think it was kinda deep and I might make a little short story out of it ^^

Okay, so the dream was pretty much like any other in the beginning - a bunch of random junk happening to a bunch of random people - but it actually got kind of a story near the end. There was this wife and husband, and for some reason, the wife had been wearing a blindfold for all her life. She had never seen the world. But one day her husband finally convinced her into taking it off. He slowly lifted it off her face and showed her the world.

When it was off, the wife saw nothing but a wasteland. All the trees were crooked, dead, and pure black. There was no grass whatsoever. The sky was a weird orangish-red color with black clouds.

The wife's smile slowly faded and she looked at the world in dismay.

"Put it back.", she mumbled brokenly, "Put my blindfold back on."

Then I woke up :/ it was such a cool dream ^^

Just felt like sharing~ byes :wave:

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You've been tagged! (Hope you don't mind. ^^;) [link]
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OMG U r on!
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I felt weird........
Nicoleisspiecal Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm a fancy son of a bitch!
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