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Wake Up
I know that smell . . . I know that sound . . . and this feeling in the air . . . I know that too.
Everything here is so familiar . . . but it feels so wrong . . .
What happened here?
"Lithuania, are you in here?"
This smell . . . so irony. So metallic. It floods up my nose, into my lungs and makes me want to vomit. I've smelt it before. So many times.
Part of my mind says "too many times." . . . Another part growls, "not enough."
But why is it here now? I didn't punish anyone today. Those two did an acceptable job in their work, and I haven't seen him all day.
. . . Where did he go? Where was he all day?
Was he in here . . . surrounded by this "awful, horrible" - no, "wonderful, amazing" - smell?
"Lithuania? I kept calling for you but you never came. So I decided to see what was keeping you. You know as well as anyone I don't like to be ignored."
Why is it so dark? And that sound . . .
". . . I know you're in here Lithuania. Why aren't you answering me? . . . Lithuania
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 40 33
Mature content
The Extents of an Insane Love Ch. 3 :iconanimefan229:animefan229 19 4
Mature content
The Extents of an Insane Love Ch. 2 :iconanimefan229:animefan229 24 8
Mature content
The Extents of an Insane Love Ch. 1 :iconanimefan229:animefan229 26 10
Mature content
To Love is to Live - Ch. 1 :iconanimefan229:animefan229 15 22
The World is Ending
The world is ending.
It was simple, it was clear, it was obvious, but no one wanted to believe it. Every day when or if we woke up, we each prayed that it had been some awful, twisted dream and that it could all be over with just raising our eyelids and facing the beautiful morning light. But every day we didn't wake to find everything back to normal. Instead the sky was always painted heavy grey with smoke rising from flames and the remains of burned buildings. Instead of the peaceful sound of a morning dove's coo or even the familiar rumble of a busy city we used to hear when we awoke, our ears are now permanently filled with the terrified yells and shrieks of our people, and even the sound of a bomb explosion from time to time. Where temperatures would once reach no higher than a typical March afternoon, they were now searing with nearly unending flames.
In short, every time we woke up, we woke up to hell.
I don't remember how it started. Not many do. It was something about electric
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 48 74
Mature content
Not All Stories... Ch 3 :iconanimefan229:animefan229 33 27
comission:Elmo Commits Suicide
". . . Dorothy?" Elmo muttered softly as he looked at his beloved goldfish, floating at the top of her bowl. "Dorothy, wake up. Elmo doesn't think the fish sleep like that."
He gazed innocently at his only friend. The little, red monster was so annoying that no one wanted to go near him for fear of having to hear his voice, so he had no choice but to get a goldfish to be his friend. Everyone always thought he was so ignorant. But he was smarter than his grammar might suggest. He knew. He knew what they said behind his back and how much they hated him.
Well wouldn't you hate him too?
Over the years, Elmo discovered that even Dorothy, his dear pet that he won in a cheap carnival game, despised him with a passion that ran deep. But Elmo tried to ignore it. He desperately tried to make himself believe that there was at least one person left in the world who cared weather he lived or died. It was in vain though.
Dorothy would never love him like he loved her. She was annoyed constantly by h
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 5 9
Mature content
Untitled :iconanimefan229:animefan229 19 23
Not All Stories... ch 2
Three days passed, and it was now Tuesday.
Arthur hurried around the house, fixing his cloths, combing his hair, even cleaning up his nails, just making sure he looked good. He felt like a woman fussing over his appearance so much.
Monica watched as he attempted to tame his wild hair. "Why are you so concerned over how you look?" she asked, "You've never cared about it before."
"Well honey, you know how crucial first impressions can be. I like to make good ones." He said.
Yes, that was part of it, but something else was factoring in. When Arthur thought about Alfred, a warm, fluttering feeling his stomach. He hardly knew the man, but just thought that something made him special.
The eyes…that's diffidently something, Alfred's eyes. They sparkled so casually. They just drew you in and made you want to befriend him. Arthur was in no way an exception.
"Ugh. Damn it! Why won't this work!" he yelled suddenly in frustration, slamming the hairbrush he was struggling to use down. This alw
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 34 19
Not All Stories...
"Are you alright, love?" An eighteen year old girl with silky chestnut hair and sky blue eyes asked her lover.
A slightly older man by two years with straw blonde, messy hair and emeralds for eyes, looked up. "O-oh, yes. Yes, of course Monica, dear." he answered.
The one known as Monica moved over to the man. "Are you sure, Arthur? You seem tense." She began to rub his shoulders. "This is a happy day. I turn eighteen today. Just one more year and we can get married!" The last word was said in an unnecessary squeal.
Arthur flinched. How he hated when she did that.
To be completely honest, he wasn't looking forward to the wedding.
It wasn't that he was afraid of commitment. Not at all! It's just – he didn't love Monica like she did him. He thought of her more as a friend than fiance.
However, he didn't have much choice in the matter. After all, it was arranged before either of their grandparents were born.
Yes, you may think that arranged marriages are a bit outdated for some countr
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 44 40
Hetalia:high school romance 8
The two boys had their next class together. It went relatively fast – for history.
As they were about to head out the door, Alfred stopped Arthur for a second. "Hey, meet me by the bus stop after school. You can explain about earlier while we wait."
            Arthur nervously gulped, but nodded. "Fine." And he walked out into the hall.
                                                ~Time skip~
            The rest of the school day passed by with little to no event. Alfred was now at the bus stop waiting for Arthur. School had gotten out about eight minutes ago, and there was no sign of the blonde. Suddenly, Alfred remembere
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 24 43
Hetalia:high school romance 7
The next morning, Arthur wasn't in school. Actually, that whole week Arthur wasn't there. And thus, life progressed as it usually would. Alfred paid just enough attention to get him through class, talked with friends at lunch, typical student behavior.
But out of sight doesn't always mean out of mind. Especially at night alone.
Alfred had yet to figure out how he felt about Arthur. In any other situation, he'd had thought he'd just wanted to help Arthur or be friends. But this was different. So different...
More than once, Alfred had thought about the possibility that he had...feelings for the other boy.
But every time he thought that, he'd think about that, he'd think about all the girls he had dated and found attractive. And then that'd take him back to Arthur. Then he'd think that he might be bisexual, and then he'd wonder if he liked girls or guys better, and he would just fall asleep from all the confusion.
After that week of being out of school, Arthur had finally returned.
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 19 18
Hetalia:high school romance 6
It was now about eight hours later, a screech filled the neighborhood as the school-bus came to a stop. Alfred stepped off, questions from earlier still swimming in his head. Was what had happened caused by something he had said? 'Let's see, we talked about how he moved here, about his accent, his parents a bit, and then I asked him if he'd ever had a hamburger. Maybe he had a bad experience with one or something.' It was ridiculous, but he couldn't think of anything else.
Alfred had been so worried all day. Something was obviously really wrong with Arthur. He hoped Arthur's mom and/or dad would know what to do. Speaking of mom, "Hi Honey, how was school today?" Alfred's mom asked as he walked through the door. "...Uneventful." Alfred answered. "I had classes, caught up with some friends, you know." A frown formed on his mother's face. "You look shaken. Are you alright?" Damn. Nothing escaped that woman did it?
"Huh, do I? Well I'm fine." Alfred lied. If he told his mother about earlie
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 21 15
Hetalia:high school romance 5
Since he had no clue what else to do, Alfred just wrapped his arms around Arthur and held him. Wow, was he lucky that no other kids were taking this bus today. The seizuring(SP?) (Alfred presumed) boy thrashing wildly in his arms. Alfred held on though. He's seen it before in movies and read it in books. If you held someone who was acting like this long enough, they'd calm down.
Or so he hopped...
After about a minuet or so, Alfred could feel Arthur begin to calm down. "Arthur. You okay dude?" Alfred asked softly. Arthur just shook his head, and slowly pulled away, not looking at Alfred. "L-listen Alfred," Arthur said weakly, his voice was so shaky, "could you – when you get to school – t-tell the secretary I won't be in today? If they ask why just -... just tell them I threw-up or something."
"Of course I can Arthur" Alfred said, still in a whisper, "Are you going home? You gonna be okay?" There was silence. Arthur, who had not yet answered, just got up and started to walk a
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 11 4
Hetalia:high school romance 4
The next morning, Alfred woke up with the most idiotic of smiles on his face. "Oh wow, what an awesome dream!" he exclaimed. And no, no it was not about Arthur*. As a matter of fact, Arthur had completely left Alfred's mind. In his dream he became the boss of Burger King, and got to eat all the burgers in the world. It was great!
After dressing for the day in blue skinny-jeans, and a shirt with the American flag on the front (he was a big patriot), he grabbed his backpack and a muffin. He then waved bye, and headed to the school-bus stop.
~Time skip~
"You're the emblem of, the land I love." Alfred sang softly to himself. For some reason, he felt very patriotic today. "The home of, the free and, the brave-" "What song is that?" a familiar, British voice asked.
Turning around, Alfred saw non-other than Arthur. But something seemed different about him today. Alfred ran through the list, trying to figure out what it was. His clothes were the same style as yesterday. He didn't seem to have
:iconanimefan229:animefan229 15 10


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United States
Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: England/ Arthur Kirkland ^^
Personal Quote: The worst death is not the death of ourselves, but the death of others we love.
Yes yes, I know, I still have yet to update anything =_= please don't be mad :iconforgivemeplz: laziness is just part of who I am~

Anyways, lately I've been having these really weird dreams, but the one I had the other night stuck with me and I feel the need to share it because I think it was kinda deep and I might make a little short story out of it ^^

Okay, so the dream was pretty much like any other in the beginning - a bunch of random junk happening to a bunch of random people - but it actually got kind of a story near the end. There was this wife and husband, and for some reason, the wife had been wearing a blindfold for all her life. She had never seen the world. But one day her husband finally convinced her into taking it off. He slowly lifted it off her face and showed her the world.

When it was off, the wife saw nothing but a wasteland. All the trees were crooked, dead, and pure black. There was no grass whatsoever. The sky was a weird orangish-red color with black clouds.

The wife's smile slowly faded and she looked at the world in dismay.

"Put it back.", she mumbled brokenly, "Put my blindfold back on."

Then I woke up :/ it was such a cool dream ^^

Just felt like sharing~ byes :wave:



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